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Our Process

How is Dry Cleaning Different?

        Your carpet is ready to walk on
in less than 5 hours. No soggy mess here!


Garage Carpet Cleaning with our Cymex Commercial Carpet Cleaning machine


So what is encapsulation?!

Encapsulation is just a fancy way to say our product surrounds the dirt, releasing it’s grip from your carpet.


What are we left with when you leave?

When we leave, you will have a clean dry carpet with the dirt fully removed from it’s fibers. You will notice that subsequent vacuuming will remove more dirt than before!


What do you use?

We apply a “green” bio-degradable, water based spray that  is safe and non-toxic to people and animals.


Why is it better?

It’s better because it isolates the dirt and picks it out instead of making your floor a soapy soup hoping it gets what you want gone.

Scientifically Speaking

Here is a quick diagram my daughter drew that describes the encapsulation process: 1.) Soil is electrostatically bonded to the carpet. 2.) The Oxygenated Solution applied to the carpet bonds to the positive charge of the soil releasing the soil’s grip of the carpet. 3.) The dirt becomes surrounded by the Solution and traps (encapsulates) the dirt liberating your carpet!

Proudly cleaning carpets for Sherwood, Tigard, Beaverton, Newberg, Tualatin and beyond for over 8 years! - Randy Pfarr Google+

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